Eyewear Exclusive  Design

A point of reference in Italy for handmade designer glasses, Massimiliano Savo with his constant research and passion has been managing this elegant atelier in via Gallia in Rome since 1996, a few minutes from the Colosseum and the Baths of Caracalla.

In 2012 with Frank Lo in Via del Leone in Rome, Massimiliano opens the second store in the historic center.

Inside your living room you can perceive pleasant emotions in the careful choice of sophisticated, original stylish frames, the result of a careful selection on the international scene.

The location is frequented by creatives, politicians, cultural / show personalities and ordinary people with a strong sense of style, where the customer is not considered a simple number but a “PROTAGONIST”, who, among small talk, coffee and chocolates, with advice from Massimiliano and his staff, he feels pampered.

Delirious Eyewear

Occhiali Avant-Garde

Rigards Eyewear

Rigards New Collection Eyewaer